Monday, 11 August 2014

3 Things to “AVOID” when Applying Makeup with Circle Contact Lenses

3 Things to “AVOID” when Applying Makeup with Circle Contact Lenses

Application of makeup that compliments circle contact lenses is capable of taking your personality to the next level. Makeup with circle contact lenses enhance your eyes, glorify them and add a certain amount of drama. For a successful candidate of circle lenses; avoid 3 deadly sins when wearing makeup with contacts.
  • Avoid Sloppy Eyeliner
Circle contact lenses are always the first step when you are proceeding towards makeup. Therefore; application of eye liner can be a bit tricky if you are not expert at it. Eyeliner application consists of several sequences and one wrong swish can spoil the entire look. Begin with making small careful & firm strokes closer to your lash-line and then extend it towards the eye corners. Choose your eyeliner carefully. If you are not pro in handling liquid ones; go for a pencil instead. A colored eyeliner matching your circle contact lenses will add a beautiful harmony & charm.
  • Avoid Wrong Colors/ Eye shadows
When you choose to wear colored circle contacts; you are already adding a color to your eyes. Sometimes it is only a sheer color and sometimes you choose to go bold, enticing & glamorous with vivid & opaque colored contact lenses.

Don’t create over-whelming or rainbow set of eyes with too much of heavy makeup; especially when wearing circle contact lenses. Keep everything subtle & focus just on enhancing your natural features with your makeup palette. Halloween & Theme parties are exceptional.
  • Avoid Wrong Concealer
The purpose of concealer is to hide imperfections. Wrongly picked concealer; for instance very light concealer in an effort of lightening your skin tone only make you look like a white clown. Concealer creates uniformity between the different shades of your face and help making it mono-tone. Circle lenses are purchased by keeping in mind one’s natural skin tone thus faking your skin way too light by concealer does not sound sane.

Circle contact lenses are good for correcting vision errors and are recommended if you want to bring up a subtle change in your personality. However; staying natural should be the key to look alluring. When wearing circle contact lenses try creating harmony with whatever you wear on your face. Everything should work together to draw attention to your face & to strengthen your personality than staying standalone.

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