Friday, 22 August 2014

Beuberry Charm 4 Tones Grey against Dark Brown Eyes & Black Hair

Beuberry Charm 4 Tones Grey against Dark Brown Eyes & Black Hair

Beuberry Charm 4 tones grey circle lenses are great for natural looks. They are too natural to be noticed when worn upon light eyes. On dark eyes, these grey circle lenses create little drama along with a bit of charm. The four tones look lavish; and provide a supreme luxurious big eye effect. Beuberry charm 4 tones grey or Vassen Rainbow series look adorable against all skin tones i.e. pale, medium and wheat-ish skin tones. 

Enlargement : 5/5 

Beuberry Charm 4 tones grey are 16mm diameter; yet the enlargement is very sweet and nothing too over-whelming. I was first afraid to wear big eye circle lenses with such huge diameters because I always end up looking bug-eyed wearing 16mm diameters. However; these circle lenses were ultimate love and a heart throbbing choice for my eyes!

Comfort: 5/5

These circle lenses win at every field. The comfort level is super unimaginable. They were extremely comfortable even at the first wear. I was able to wear them 8 hours in one go with out any eye drops ( don't forget my eyes are dry and turn circle lenses dry too). Putting them in and off was such a breeze. I wish I could rate them more than 100% for the comfort it has provided me during all the wearing sessions.

Design: 4/5

Design is cute and subtle. Unfortunately; they looked plain grey on my eyes and design/pattern couldn't show up much clearly. I wanted to have those lovely color streaks ( those 4 tones) shown in my eyes that these circle lenses boast.

Overall: 5/5

I don't like heavy makeup or using falsies. Still these circle lenses enhanced my looks and produced the illusion of bigger iris without compromising the comfort thing. I love these circle lenses alot. The best thing is that these grey circle lenses provide you the best of your looks with out taking support from makeup and false eyelashes. Just a little touch up and you are done!

In my opinion the look best against dark black hair and I am seriously loving Beuberry Charm 4 Tones grey circle lenses

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