Wednesday, 20 August 2014

How to Make your Wigs Look Natural

How to Make your Wigs Look Natural

Wearing a synthetic hair wig has several benefits. Either you are wearing it for medical conditions or are wearing to fake your original hair color and style; you don’t need to be secretive about it. Simply go natural, you don’t need to make announcements about you wearing a wig either. It is just this that a natural looking wig looks more acceptable and adds a charm to your personality. In order to make your synthetic hair wigs look natural follow the steps below:

  1. Buy a wig that fits. Nothing can be more a disaster than an ill-fitted wig. No matter how hard you try to keep it natural; if you are fidgeting around with it, your all efforts to make it look natural, are going waste.
  2. Trim it as per your facial features. Though synthetic hair wigs come styled, it does not mean the same style is going to suit you. You would probably want to trim the bangs, or would like to go for tight curls. Taking your wig to a stylist will do as he/she is expert at it.
  3. Wear the wig properly by first compressing the bulk of your natural hair under the wig cap. Adjust the wig over your head by aligning the front of your hair wig with natural hair line. The wig should not look loose that keeps slipping off your head.
  4. Some synthetic hair wigs are way too shiny. They cast the plastic-y feel which is a turn off. To tone down the shine; sprinkle cornstarch powder or talcum powder sparingly and rub your fingers through it. Do it carefully; don’t overdo the powder.
  5. Accessorize the hair wig using a barrette, hair band, clasps. A head-scarf adds a realistic touch to your synthetic wigs.

Always remember that the key to successful makeup look & dramatic personality is to draw attention to not to more than two central features. Over-doing makeup, accessorizing ultra-lavishly or heavy dressing all at same time will do more harm than benefit. If wearing long wig in un-natural colors; light makeup will complement the look. If on the other hand you fall for short and natural synthetic hair wigs; you are at liberty of heavy makeup application.

Synthetic hair wigs have greater chances to look fake but those made from heat-resistant fiber are stronger and are chemically treated to look alike natural hair. Buy 100% heat resistant synthetic hair wigs which will surprise you by their supreme quality.


  1. Where did you get the wig displayed in the photo?

  2. Marcela Franco

    You can get this wig here . It is Kousaka Kirino cosplay wig actually but you can style it the way you want for high school or at work.