Wednesday, 26 March 2014

How to Minimize Infections with Circle Contact Lenses

How to Minimize Infections with Circle Contact Lenses

Wearing circle lenses is completely safe and free from complications until and unless you are taking care of circle lenses by regularly and properly disinfecting them. However; unfortunately doctors report that due to the mishandling and mismanagement of circle lenses health complications arise in contact lens wearers.

Keep following points in mind to minimize the infections.

  1. Get your circle lenses from branded and authentic shops.
  2. Soak your circle lenses over night before first wear
  3. Take note of the date when you first break the seal of your contact lens vials because circle lenses are expiry sensitive.
  4. Do not wear circle contact lenses past their expiry.
  5. Do not reuse torn/dried contact lenses
  6. Do not share your circle lenses with your friends.
  7. Always disinfect your circle lenses after each wear & replace the solution every week even when you are not using your contacts
  8. Always replace your circle contact lens cases after every three months.
  9. Do not wear circle lenses if they are uncomfortable or causing itching & burning sensation.
  10. Keep your nails filed when handling circle contact lenses
  11. Do not store circle lenses at humid places such as near wash rooms.
  12. Do not use eye drops as a substitute of disinfectant and vice versa
  13. Do not sleep or take nap with circle contact lenses
  14. Do not wash face, swim or take shower when wearing contacts
  15. Do not wear them for more than the prescribed duration.
  16. Do not cry excessively whilst wearing contacts

Always keep your hands clean before handling your circle contacts. Wear your lenses before makeup application and remove them before removing your makeup. Avoid washing hands with creamy soaps when touching your contacts and dry your hands with a lint-free fabric.

When you are following these tips you ingeniously reduce the chances of eye infections that may be caused by wearing circle contact lenses.

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