Monday, 28 July 2014

Contact Lenses for Sports: Contact Lenses for Swimmers

Contact Lenses for Sports: Contact Lenses for Swimmers

It is strictly prohibited to wear contact lenses in any kind of water related activity; be it aggressive sports or simply about drawing water from hot/tubs, taps & showers etc. Water carries microorganism; “Acanthamoeba” that is devouring to cornea & is noted to induce permanent blindness in the victims. Similarly; swimmers must not risk their eyes wearing contact lenses during the swim. This however; raises the concerns about how should such swimmers deal with vision errors?

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Contact Lenses for Sports: Contact Lenses for Swimmers

There are other options available for swimmers with nearsightedness & far-sightedness today. Until recently; there had been no other option than going under the knife but today a new technology named as “orthokeratology (ortho-K) treats vision errors temporarily over-night by reshaping the cornea.

“Ortho-K” or “Corneal Reshaping” makes use of special type of GP contact lenses which happen to treat refractive index errors whilst you sleep wearing such over-night contact lenses. These over-night GP circle lenses equip you up with 20/20 vision for the next day; liberating you from glasses or prescription contact lenses.

The reshaping of cornea by over-night contacts is temporary; therefore they have to be worn every night. Both children & adults are the successful candidates for these contact lenses. However; talking to your doctor is obligatory.

"It was wonderful to hurl myself into the ocean and not worry about contact lenses" says Patrick Barkham, The Guardian.

Swimmers therefore can wear GP lenses to help treat short-sightedness overnight. This way; they can dive, dump & swim with perfect vision yet without any interference of glasses!


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