Thursday 26 December 2013

Do Circle Lenses Expire?

Circle lenses may be your most important fashion accessory. They have become fairly common among teenagers of Asian countries. However; with circle lenses you need to stay very careful and vigilant. Your eyes are precious and deserve to be cared for. The attention and focus should always be on saving your eyes rather than saving your money.

Circle lenses are made of hydrogel material which is soft & flexible hydrophilic plastic. This being said; circle lenses consist of 35% to 75%+ water content. The term “hydrophilic” means “anything with strong affinity towards water”.  Therefore; it is obvious by name that circle lenses tend to absorb water to remain supple, fresh & flexible. People with sensitive or dry eyes should select circle lenses with keen attention. The bigger the diameter of the lens; the higher is the rate of water absorption.

Circle lenses have a fixed life. They cannot last long for more than a year at maximum. One should pay attention to the directions provided by the manufacturer. Shelf life of circle lenses is three years. After opening it gets reduced to a year only. Whether or not you wear circle lenses; they will get outdated after 12 months of opening.

Since circle lenses are made from soft plastic- they develop protein accumulation, dirt & debris even when you are properly disinfecting them. Like all medical devices & accessories; circle lenses also follow a validity period. Violating the precaution or wearing them even after the recommended period is over may pose health risks to our eyes including total blindness, corneal abrasions and other infections.

You can make best of your circle lenses by properly disinfecting them and by disinfecting the lens cases. Get beautiful eyes with circle lenses not damaged ones!

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