Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Can I use Glitter with Colored Contact Lenses?

Glitter eye makeup cannot be avoided if you are a makeup artist or a model/cosplayer. Glitter adds new dimensions to the subject & makes it far more appealing. However; glitter when used with colored contact lenses may pose benign threats.

Can I use Glitter with Colored Contact Lenses?

It is very important to be very concerned whilst using glitter makeup with colored contact lenses. Using makeup with colored contact lenses can enhance your personality by adding the wow factor but caution should be observed throughout the process. Makeup with gel and cream should be avoided with colored contact lenses because they are often responsible to create a sticky film over the surface of contact lenses which later may cause blurred vision and excessive tear production along with itching sensation in the eyes.

Cosmetic Glitter or Craft Glitter? Which is Cheaper & Which is Safer?

Glitter flakes; whether you are adding a dash of d├ęcor to your body or are aiming to glorify your dramatic makeup look may adhere to your eyes which cause scratches over corneas & thus damage the eyes. If however; using glitter makeup becomes essential with colored contact lensesand cannot be prevented then prefer cosmetic glitter over craft glitters.

Craft glitter may sometimes contain glass particles; applying which to your skin will be no less than a havoc. On the other hand cosmetic glitter contains color sprinkles of acrylic polymers which are specially designed to be used in compliance with colored contact lenses. It may be a bit expensive for some; but every penny you spend will be worth it.

What should not be done with Glitter when Wearing Colored Contact Lenses?

Avoid touching your body, eyes, face or any area where you have made use of glitter. This is to prevent any accidental introduction of glitter to your eyes via your fingers. Wash off your hands immediately if you notice your glitter is shedding or have your hands spoiled.

Always remove colored contact lenses first; and then continue removing falsies, glitter & other makeup traces.

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