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4Cs to Focus on when Buying Wigs: Synthetic Wigs

4Cs to Focus on when Buying Wigs: Synthetic Wigs
Synthetic wigs are a hype. From Lolita, to Gyaru& Kawai fashion; synthetic wigs have been playing huge to nail a beautiful look. Buying wig is though not a rocket-science; chances are you will end up wasting your money, if a good time is not spent to understand your requirements along with your expectations from a synthetic wig.

Following 4 Cs will help you categorize what you want; after you are firm onto “why” do you want a synthetic wig.

4 Important Cs of Buying Synthetic wigs

1. Cut or Style
4Cs to Focus on when Buying Wigs: Synthetic Wigs

A cut is very important. Synthetic wigs are pre-styled and the style retains till the wig lasts. Therefore it limits you from being creative. Therefore; whilst buying a synthetic wig you must take great notice of the cut/style from different angles. You will not be able to change how the bangs look, or how the curls bounce. Either the lose curls or tight; you will not be able to bring huge changes in it.

Synthetic wigs are often made from heat-resistant so they can be slightly straightened or curled adding a bit of drama to your already styled-hair; but no, you won’t be able to create a new hair style out of your synthetic wig. Be careful.

2. Color
4Cs to Focus on when Buying Wigs: Synthetic Wigs

The tough part. One rule of a thumb is to stick to the colors closer to your natural hair color. This makes wig look genuine. A wig that matches your hair shade will definitely suit you- as it adds to the volume & bounce of your natural hair. On the other hand if you are choosing synthetic wigs for cosplay; you are free to be wild with colors and styles.
3. Custom
Customization of wig includes none but minor trimming of the bangs/ flicks, removal of excess bulk or even a full-fledged perfect cut to fit your skull. You have more room for alterations with longer wigs than short ones.

4. Cap
4Cs to Focus on when Buying Wigs: Synthetic Wigs

Wig cap really matters. From comfort to a perfect fitted wig; it is actually the wig cap that makes a wig look beautiful and part of your own personality. An ill-fitted wig will cause you fidget which is often a turn off. Instead of enhancing; a poor wig cap destroys the entire look.

Improve your lifestyle and grow your confidence by wearing top quality synthetic wigs that retain the color against climatic conditions, stay frizz-free & remain new even after the use of a year.

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