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How Long to Soak Contact Lenses Before the First Use & Why?

How Long to Soak Contact Lenses Before the First Use & Why?

Contact lenses and circle lenses come; packed in vials or blisters containing an isotonic sterile solution. It is most commonly known as saline solution; made up of NaCl, Hydrogen per oxide, buffering agents & other bacteria killing chemicals. This isotonic solution is only meant to keep contact lenses sterile& soft till before the first use.

Saline Solution doesn’t Disinfect Contact Lenses
It is necessary to soak contact lenses for 6-8 hours in multi-purpose solution or in disinfectant before the first use. This is done to neutralize them before letting them come in contact with your eyes. The saline solution is normally used to rinse circle lenses. Remember it only rinse circle lenses and is not capable of disinfecting them.

The best habit is to soak your contact lenses in solution for over-night. This way they become soft whilst the solution replenishes and prepare contact lenses to get acquainted with human eyes overnight.

What if I wear Contact Lenses directly out of the Box?
As mentioned earlier; the isotonic solution in which contact lenses come in is not safe for your eyes. Wearing contact lenses directly after taking them out of the vials will burn your eyes, sting them leading to excess watery eyes.

Which disinfectant should I use to soak my Contact Lenses In?
There are several quality solutions available. We recommend ABBOT’s Complete Blink n clean multipurpose solution to soak, rinse, disinfect & store contact lenses.

Warning: Do not confuse multi-purpose solution with your eye drops. Multi-purpose solution is not a replacement of your eye drops.

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