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Observe Caution whilst Wearing Contact Lenses in Salon

A contact lens wearer with a pragmatic approach towards contact lenses is always meticulous about the care & maintenance of circle contact lenses. Circle contact lenses does not only demand you to be very punctual in the cleansing regime but it also asks you to be very concerned and warned when wearing circle contact lenses in certain environments- Salons be one of them.

Observe Caution whilst Wearing Contact Lenses in Salon

Dangers of Wearing Circle Contact Lenses in Salon:

Wearing circle contact lenses in Salon is never risk free. The Salon’s atmosphere is inviting to aerosols, sprays, and other air borne chemicals which can pass through the contact lenses and may adhere to your eyes.

 These chemical irritants can sometimes embed onto the cornea causing scratches. A sudden urge of rubbing eyes is also escalated when any external agent comes into contact with your eyes; this aggravates the already deteriorating condition leading to potential hazards.

What Havoc Can Wearing Circle Contact Lenses in Salons bring?

Soft Circle contact lenses are the most used type of contact lenses. They are gas permeable circle lenses; this is why they let other gases pass through too such as butyl acetate, toluene, and acetone. These gases are not cleaned away by natural washing process of eyes through tears.

“The eyes have to be protected from splashes, flying clippings, and other debris,” says Doug Schoon, chief scientific adviser for CND.

“There is a tendency for these materials to associate chemically,” says Nellie Brown, director of Workplace Health & Safety Programs at Cornell University. “It’s just chemical nature.”

Furthermore; sensitive eyes may also be affected by the heat coming out from the hair-dryer. The heat from the hair-dryer is though too mild to pose serious threats; you should still be very cautious if you have sensitive eyes. Ironing & blow-drying should always be done before you wear circle contact lenses.

Advice for Beauty Professionals

Beauty professionals working in Salons should always shield their eyes if they can’t avoid wearing circle contact lenses.

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