Tuesday, 8 July 2014

July Makeup Look: Casual Gyaru Makeup Tutorial using I. Fairy Hana Blue Circle Lenses

Casual Gyaru Makeup Tutorial

Gyarus are flattering. Their soft personality is attention-grabbing & heart-warming. The way their thick bangs & beach curls flutter in the breeze; bewitch all hearts. A casual Gyaru features gorgeous big eyes with extravagant vibrancy whilst everything else that goes at her face is too nude to be even noticed. Follow below an easy-to-go “Casual Gyaru Makeup Tutorial”; for which you need a pair of I. Fairy Hana blue circle lenses and a wig (optional)

Things you need for Gyaru Makeup Tutorial
Tutorial Steps
Casual Gyaru Makeup Tutorial

  1. Put on I. Fairy Hana blue circle lenses
  2. The first attempt should be made to conceal the dark circles. Prepare your eyes for the eye makeup application by applying your regular concealer with great abilities of hiding the dark circles and other pigmentations.
  3. Using a light brown shade with hint of orange add dimensions to your eyes. Apply it on the center of your lids and blend it until it matches your skin tone. At the corner of eyes, using an eye shadow brush form a light angular cut & crease by a darker shade of brown eye shadow
  4. Create a wing using Skin79 Monster liquid eye liner. It allows precise application as well as bold & dramatic. The Gyaru Look requires an intense black shade; which you can only get through this remarkable eyeliner.
  5. Wear top & bottom lashes. Fill the spaces with mascara
  6. Wear a wig with flattering bangs and loose curls
  7. At the end create rosy gradient gyaru lips.
Casual Gyaru Makeup Tutorial

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