Sunday, 29 December 2013

Geo Nudy Blue Big Eye Circle Lenses: Eyes that Shine

Geo Nudy Blue

If you want eyes that glow and shine; get GEO Nudy blue circle lenses. These are USFDA approved; hence GEO circle lenses are safe for the health of your eyes.  These are nudy blue; closer to the natural blue eye color. Some times it is difficult to know if you will look good with your chosen pair of circle lenses. Find out here how to choose big eye circle lenses which will suit you.

After you get your favorite big eye circle lenses; make your eyes look big and beautiful with proper makeup. Simply follow the tips for makeup with circle lenses and achieve celebrity big eyesGEO Nudy blue circle lenses are 14.2 in diameter with a soft enlarging effect. However if you are looking for a huge enlargement in the same design then get your hands on Barbie Nudy blue circle lenses. Barbie nudy blue circle lenses are 16.2 in diameter with even more striking effects. 

The swirly pattern of geo nudy blue circle lenses add a subtle glow and tends to highlight your eyes. See how GEO Nudy blue looks on dark brown eyes in the review.

Not the lenses you were looking for? Check these blue big eye circle lenses.


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