Friday, 6 December 2013

Why Geo Circle Lenses?

GEO circle lenses are getting popular among both girls and boys. The biggest reason of their popularity is the availability of authentic product. GEO circle lenses come from a manufacturer that guarantees safety of your eyes while you wear circle lenses. There are many counterfeit geo circle lenses available online-therefore the manufacturer itself came forward and warned customer against buying cheap GEO circle lenses
With 16 digit authenticity code you can ensure that your purchased pair of GEO circle lenses is authentic and safe to wear for your eyes. Geo medical is the only brand to enjoy USFDA certification. Having said that; GEO circle lenses are also approved by KFDA, KGMP, ISO etc. Geo circle lenses are also considered one of the best brands of cosplay circle lenses.


Berry Cessy

GEO circle lenses are comfortable and most of them are considered natural big eye circle lenses. There is huge variety of patterns and styles suitable for both casual and funky looks. Some hot-selling pairs of GEO circle lenses are:

  • At UNIQSO you have freedom to purchase two hot-selling models of GEO circle lenses at a reduced price tag of $35.90 instead of $41.80. You therefore can save money and buy cheap GEO circle lenses by placing an order for “ GEO VALUE PACK”
  • Toric circle lenses for astigmatism are also available in GEO circle lenses. Now you can enjoy clear crystal vision-say bye to blurred vision and enjoy the comfortable wear without dryness. 
  • GEO also make prescription circle lenses. As a side note; you should take note that the prescription of glasses and circle lenses is not same. Therefore before placing an order for prescription circle lenses; don’t first forget to meet your optometrist.
It is also necessary to find out that why circle lenses are better than glasses for your vision correction needs.

Tri color GEO circle lenses make your eyes appear sexy but natural since the gradation helps in blending with natural eye color. What is your take on GEO circle lenses? Do you love wearing mono tone circle lenses or lenses with 3 tones? Please share with us and earn reward points to rebate your order!

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