Sunday, 8 December 2013

Barbie Diamond Three Tones Brown on Light Olive Eyes

For a beautiful amalgamation of orange brown with red diamond cuts that magically gets visible only when worn; Barbie Diamond 3 Tones brown big eye circle lenses is a must have. Barbie diamond big eye circle lenses have a huge dolly size diameter that looks vibrant on both light and dark eyes. 

The sparkling effect produced by Barbie Diamond 3 Tones brown big eye circle lenses is unparalleled; and plays an important role in creating a wide dolly eye look. The colors together seems like reflecting the rays of light which make the lenses look more like diamond. On dark brown eyes; the brown in barbie diamond three tones big eye circle lenses is a bit more dominant than on light eyes. When worn on olive eyes; the red tone which is infact orangish-brown gets more prominent and creates a very beautiful and inspiring shade.

For a cute cosplay look or Kawaii photo shoot barbie diamond three tone big eye circle lenses can be very promising. Read Barbie Diamond 3 Tones brown review or browse through the variety of cosplay lenses if you are trying to pick one for a costume event. Here is a simple guide to choosing Cosplay Lenses  


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