Sunday, 15 December 2013

Geo Super Angel Grey : For a Gyaru Look

Geo Super Angel Grey

Geo Super Angel Grey

GEO Super Angel grey are one of the best and hot-selling model by GEO Circle Lenses. GEO circle lenses are the only lenses that are USFDA approved and therefore guarantee 100% safety. 

The light ash-bluish tint and the solid huge limbal ring give you a cute dolly appearence that is enough to fetch the attention of passers-by.Grey circle lenses are always mystical and gorgeous so have your hands on GEO Super Angel grey circle lenses as the cute halo seems like that of the angel's.

Always apply subtle makeup with big eye circle lenses to help blend your lenses with your eyes naturally. Read GEO Super Angel grey circle lenses review and see the pictures if you are longing to get a doe-eye effect.


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