Thursday, 19 December 2013

Circle Lenses for Astigmatism - Cheap Toric Circle Lenses

Astigmatism is a very common refractive index problem; caused by an eye condition that is not completely round. People with astigmatism suffer from blurred vision which may be corrected very easily either by glasses or by toric circle lenses. What should you prefer for correcting your vision problems? Read here Circle Lenses VS Glasses.

People with light astigmatism may find it easier to wear Toric circle lenses than people with high astigmatism. Toric circle lenses are available in disposable, multifocal and in various colored varieties. To begin your journey as the patient of astigmatism; try Geo Toric circle lenses.

Toric circle contacts are just like the normal circle lenses or big eye circle lenses. The only difference is the design and the availability of powers. Toric circle lenses are available in two powers. One power is to fix the astigmatism problem whereas the other is to deal with hyperopia and myopia issues.

Toric contact lenses are thicker than normal circle lenses. The mechanism in toric circle lenses is slightly different than the ordinary soft contact lenses or fashion lenses. Normally soft contact lenses keep rotating on your eyes and float on the cornea as the eyes blink. Contrary to this toric lens does not rotate on eyes to provide clear and crisp vision. Keep in mind this is done because toric contacts have different powers unlike the normal fashion contact lenses.

Toriclenses may be four to five times expensive than the regular circle lenses/ contact lenses. You will be surprised to know that where a pair of toric lenses cost you $70 and above; you can cut-down your cost incurred in buying these lenses just by making a one wise decision. At uniqso; for your ease and comfort we offer toric circle lenses at very affordable price tag of $59!

Things to consider while wearing Toric Lenses:
Think twice before investing your money in circle lenses. Always buy from authentic reseller/ online store. Circle contact lenses if fake can cause significant amount of damage to your eyes. Remember; if you do not think you are capable enough of taking care of your eyes and circle lenses; better get another alternate to help save your eyes and improve your vision!

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