Thursday, 26 December 2013

Are Circle Lenses Bad For You?

Circle lenses or circle contact lenses have become the most common “in” thing lately. Though circle lenses were originated in Korea and had aimed at celebrities and actresses; the trend spread among masses- thus became the popular fashion accessory in general public of Asian countries. To name few are Korea, Japan, China & Taiwan.

Circle lenses enlarge your eyes; because they have a diameter bigger than human iris. Circle lenses glossary defines the different part of circle contact lenses in details including limbal ring, base curve, diameter and the role; each of them play in creating a bigger eye effect. Circle lenses should never be bought in vacuum because this way you end up wasting your money.  Always keep some facts while choosing big eye lenses for you.
  • Do you need prescription circle lenses or Toric circle contacts? If you are wearing glasses; will the switch from glasses to circle lenses be comfortable for you?
  • From where should you buy your big eye lenses? Online retailer or a local shop?
  • Decide on the color you want. But how to decide? Consider giving these guides a read: Circle Lenses according to skin tone”, “Circle Lenses according to Personality”, “Circle contact Lenses for Men”.
Circle lenses are not dangerous to wear provided you make your purchase from authentic retailer of circle lenses. Buying contact lenses online is often a cheaper method when compared to buying from local stores.
Maintain the Safety of your Eyes with Safe to Wear Big Eye Contact Lenses

Everything demands care and safety precautions. Circle lenses should be taken as medical devices rather than mere fashion accessory and should be dealt accordingly. While wearing circle lenses; keep a note on following things
  • DON’T wear  while you swim
  • DON’T wear  when you sleep
  • DON’T share circle lenses
  • DON’T disinfect them with water or saliva
  • DON’T wear them after they expire
  • DON’T wear for more than 6 hours.
Always buy circle contact lenses from FDA approved brands. These approved brand’s circle lenses are completely safe to wear. Don’t hesitate wearing your favorite contact lenses just because there prevail myths about them. Myths about big eye circle contact lenses arenot all facts; therefore you should not feel frighten- just embrace the trend and enjoy big beautiful mighty eyes!

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