Monday, 9 December 2013

Korean Skin Care & Korean Circle Lenses- An Open Secret of Ulzzangs

We believe beauty lies in the eyes of beholder. It is not your face that makes you appear beautiful but is your heart. In this digital era; fashion trends seem to be fashioned in a new “definition” where emphasis is now being paid to not on your outer-looks and appearance but on the nature of your heart.  Ulzzang probably have literal meanings of “Best Face”; but to be an Ulzzang you should have a soft, humble, caring, loving and a pious heart. Only if you are self-less and devoted for your fellow-beings then you can depict the true Ulzzang looks.

After you achieve a pure heart; then start treating your skin by following Korean skin care routine. Ulzzangs always boast typical Korean skin that is flawless, fair and crystal clear-free from pigmentation, acne or scar marks. You do not need to hunt hard for Korean skin care products since here is the list of recommended Korean skin care products that guarantees perfect finish and an instant glow.

Ulzzang Makeup & Hair

Ulzzang makeup is kept very subtle and natural with emphasis on eye makeup. Ulzaang wear Korean circle lenses or special Ulzzang circle lenses which are natural in color such as brown, grey and black. Ulzzangs also wear long but natural looking false eye lashes accompanied by mascara application. Ulzzangs wear cut-crease eye shadow and winged-eyeliner to draw attention towards eyes. They choose Korean makeup & Korean skin care cosmetics including BB cream and lip tints to finish the look of their dreams. Ulzzangs are often seen in full/side-swept bangs. Sometimes Ulzzangs die hair but still cling to natural shades such as brown, red-brown, almond or blonde.

Kawaii Girl  


Whether we talk about Korean Ulzzangs or Japanese Kawaiis; we notice both of the emerging fashion icons are giving attention to Korean skin care & makeup range. True; Korean skin care products are the most buzzed-about secret among all the beauty die hard. “South Korea is about 12 years ahead of States when it comes to beauty innovation & technology”. These were the reflections of Mary Schook, the beauty guru & the N.Y based owner of M.S Apothecary.

So; which Korean skin care beauty products you are planning to include in your daily routine? Oh and did we just mention that Korean circle lenses are the real ulzzang eye rescuers?


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