Friday, 27 December 2013

When do you need to throw your Circle Lenses?

This question might have surprised you. Since circle contact lenses are not very much easier to afford; it takes a strong heart to throw the circle lenses you have bought after lots of struggle, research and saving every penny you get as your pocket money. Circle lenses have been quite famous in Lolita community because they add a glorious look. Adopting any fashion style has become possible with circle lenses; however at some unfortunate times you will need to throw the circle lenses you got by your hard-earned money.

Circle contact lenses upon wearing first time may feel strange in eyes. It feels as if a foreign body is constantly moving and will end up getting lost in your eyes. Stays assure; this cannot happen ever. The itching & burning sensation will go away in first 15-20 minutes. If you still find your circle lenses blurry try to trace out the reason for uncomfortable circle lenses.

Conditions when you need to throw your circle lenses
  1. If you are afraid you have been fooled around by your doctor or supplier with a fake pair of circle lenses. Try getting in touch with your supplier & inform him about your concerns.
  2. If by mistake circle lenses get in contact with floor, wash basin or with anything else other than your fingers and eyes!
  3. If they are uncomfortable
  4. If you have allergies & sensitive eyes
  5. If they are expired
  6. If they are damaged 
Circle lenses need up to the mark care. Don’t smoke while wearing circle lenses & don’t stay in warm environments for long duration such as in kitchen.

Remember; circle lenses are designed to keep your eyes comfortable. The only purpose of circle lenses is to make you look beautiful; but how you deal your circle lenses and how you treat your eyes depend on your own behavior. Taking care of circle lenses is your duty and ONLY your duty. Neglecting the safety measures first and blaming the manufacturer later on is not a wise idea. No matter how important that specific pair of circle lenses may be for you; your eyes are MOST important and should always be!

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