Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Geo Circle Lenses : Geo Xtra Sunflower Grey Circle Lenses

Geo Xtra Sunflower Grey

Geo Xtra Sunflower Grey

GEO Medical brand is the most loved manufacturer of big eye circle lenses. Not only these big eye circle lenses are comfortable for your eyes; but also you get the authentic product since GEO provides a 16 digit authenticity-check code. Now pay only for genuine GEO circle lenses

You can purchase any of your favorite big eye circle lenses or get GEO Circle Lenses value pack at reduced price before Christmas by availing free international shipping via FedEx. Below we are sharing GEO Xtra Sunflower grey circle lenses review shared with us by Daniela Salsa. 

Sunflower grey by GEO circle lenses are two tone with 15mm diameter. The enlargement is very huge and may look like as if it is 16mm diameter on some eyes. The pattern is simple and the limabl ring contributes pretty much to its enlargement. These geo circle lenses are partially opaque and covers even the brown eyes beautifully. Sunflower geo grey circle lenses look natural- you dont even need to layer tons of makeup for a blending effect. Simply wear your big eye circle lenses and get set go!

Read the review If you are interested to see how Sunflower grey Geo circle lenses looks on dark eyes.


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