Tuesday, 3 December 2013

How to Choose Big Eye Contact Lenses according to Personality?

Big eye contact lenses can bring a sudden and pleasant change to your personality as long as you are choosing them as per your skin tone and needs.When bought considering the personality and occasion; circle contact lenses make you stand out from the crowd! Big eye contact lenses and circle lenses do not only make you look glam and gorgeous but also serve to the vision correction needs. However; you should consider four factors while placing an order for prescription big eye contact lenses. Don’t worry; there are also contact lenses for astigmatism available at cheap rates online.

Choosing Big Eye Contact Lenses as per the Personality

a. Big Eye Contact Lenses for Teenagers

Young girls and boys who have just entered the teen-age or are somewhere in the middle has more options to try out various colors of contact lenses. Since they are young and jubilant; any color can complement them- either a subtle swing to their natural eyes or a full dramatic transformation. They can justify wearing all types of big eye contact lenses; whether enhancement or opaque tints.

b. Big Eye Contact Lenses for Mysterious Personality

If you are a kind of reserve person and want to look mysterious yet elegant; you should get green colored contact lenses. Green contact lenses make you look adventurous and sexy enough to look thrilled and full of youth.

c. Big Eye Contacts for Intellectual Personality

People with a subtle and calm nature are often considered very intellectual and bright. Such people should avoid going for huge drama in eyes. They should wear brown big eye contact lenses; since these lenses have special characteristics of reflecting your inner geek. Also; over the 90% of world population has a natural brown color of eyes; therefore with brown big eye contact lenses you look less striking but intelligent!

d. Big Eye Contact Lenses for Afro-skins

People with darker skin tones; significantly afro people should choose big eye contact lenses that make a lovely contrast with their tanned skin. Wearing bright big eye contact lenses such as green, blues or violet can make them look glam.

e. Big Eye Contact Lenses as per Hair & Eye Color

While choosing circle contacts; do consider the color of your hair and eyes. If your hair and eyes both are dark then avoid wearing light color contact lenses. On the other hand if your hair is light but eyes are dark; you are free to wear any color that pleases you.

f. Big Eye Contact Lenses for Shy People

Shy people often are less-social hence are afraid of grabbing attention. If you fall in this category but love wearing circle contacts then do not hesitate. You can select visibility tint color contact lenses since these are not designed to alter your original eye color but only provide correction.

g. Big Eye Contact Lenses for Beginners

Beginners should not go wild when trying circle lenses. Start with colors that are closer to your own eye color and are smaller in diameter. Start experimenting with big eye contact lenses as you gain experience and knowledge about big eye circle lenses. Learn to solve problems arising from wearing contacts and judge the myths and facts about circle lenses before opting to go for a wild change.

h. Big Eye Contact Lenses for Sexy People

People who want to highlight their sexy individuality should wear blue circle lenses. It has been observed that people with blue eyes date successfully and leave long-lasting impressions and memories on their better-halves.

i. Big Eye Contact Lenses for Attention-Seekers

People who want to draw attention of people are suggested to wear contact lenses that differ from their eye makeup. Simply contrast your big eye contact lenses. For instance; if your eye makeup has warm colors; opt for wearing blue big eye contacts or contacts with a cool tone.

j. Big Eye Contact Lenses for Endeavors

If you are a person with various shades of personality-try getting big eye contact lenses in different tints. Wear natural big eye contact lenses in daily routine when you prefer vision correction with a harmonious change. For special occasions when you want to highlight the wild and sexy side of your personality; wear big eye contact lenses that come with an opaque tint.

k. Big Eye Contact Lenses for Anime, Ulzaang & Gyarus

No doubt; with big eye contact lenses you can transform yourself into a gyaru, human Barbie or into an anime. Ulzaangs usually prefer black circle lenses with bigger diameter since they look striking against their pale and flawless skin. Anime and gyarus often wear circle lenses in colors which do not resemble human eye such as pink and violets.

l. Big Eye Contact Lenses for Elderly People

People with older age are suggested to wear prescription big eye contact lenses in colors that are closer to the natural eye. Any striking shade or contrast will accentuate the wrinkles and fine lines around eyes by giving special focus to the eye-bags which is attributed to the old-age.

m. Big Eye Contact Lenses for Boys

Boys often do not appreciate wearing big eye contact lenses; thinking that it will make them look fake. True; that boys have fewer options to try since big eye contact lenses demand make-up application for a well-blended and a natural look. However; there are big eye contact lenses even for boys. They should wear contacts that are an exact match of their natural color with diameter below 15mm.

Big eye contact lenses are promising for everyone. With proper care of big eye contact lenses; the life can be increased and your eyes can be prevented from injuries. Disinfect and sterilize your big eye contact lens cases and recycle contact lens cases instead of throwing them in a bin. Choose circle lenses according to your personality and enjoy the charm they add to your personality!


  1. oww i normally wear natural color contact lenses .. like Brown,Grey and Black but now i'm starting to wear pink lenses ~ hope it will looks good on me ~

    Thank's for the information ~