Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Can Circle Lenses make Me Look like a DOLL?

Aren’t you having fun in holiday parties? Don’t you just feel like looking different than all? If yes; try something fun tomorrow. Impress yourself and inspire others with your new doll-like transformation. The secret behind your doll like appearance will be “Korean Circle Lenses” and your regular Korean makeup & Korean skin care products

Dolls inspire everyone by their flawless skin & big beautiful crystal-like eyes. To look like a doll you need a pair of big eye Korean circle lenses & lovely accessories including a hair wig, and a lacey/fur dress.

There are different versions of dolls available in the world. Similarly there are different types of circle lenses available online. Depending on your chosen “Doll-Look”; you can select Korean circle lenses to complete your transformation.

Dolls represent different areas and cultures of the world. There also exist American Barbie, Indian Barbie, Chinese Barbie, Japanese Barbie etc. Indian Barbie has dark brown to black eyes. Similarly Barbie from other Asian countries such as Japan, China etc also have same shade of eye colors. To achieve an Asian Barbie look try Korean Brown & Hazel Circle Lenses. Asians have big & enlarged eyes; therefore choosing big eye circle lenses will be the most thrilling part!


If you want to look like a western Barbie; do consider the fact that they have blue eyes. In some cases they are even green. Go for natural big eye circle lenses; as these will make your eyes appear slightly bigger than your natural eyes.

Circle lenses can definitely make you look like a doll or anime character and have the ability to transform your personality. You only need to choose circle lenses as per the demands of the character you are going to imitate. After making a selection; follow the “Human Doll Makeup Tutorial using Korean Circle Lenses”

Getting beautiful alluring eyes with a doll-like innocence is in your approach. Simply buy big eye colored circle lenses and see how these babes will magically change your appearance. 

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