Sunday, 10 April 2016

Make your Eyes Noticeable with Dream Color Nobluk Grey & Solone Eye Brow Pencil

Make your eyes noticeable by creating an illusion of bigger eyes. Accentuate your facial features by framing your eye brows decently. The brow line when sharp, ensures an edgy appearance. Wear Dream Color Nobluk grey for a natural effect & shape your brows using "Solone Alice Fantasy Adventure Triangular Eyebrow Pencil

These grey circle lenses are exemplary. They are opaque beyond your expectations yet sophisticated enough to blend softly against your dark brown eyes. " When looking at them in the case, it looks as if there's nothing inside because the color is so light.  I thought it would be like every other grey lens that gives a dark grey color but nope!  It completely covers my dark brown eyes and shows up as a striking light grey.  The size of these lens are 14.5mm which is the diameter I prefer for my little eyes but because of the color and design it does not give an enlarging effect.  I don't feel any discomfort when wearing these lens for over 8 hours a day." 

"I've been using this pencil non-stop ever since I've gotten it in the mail.  I like using brow pencils with a triangular tip because I feel that they're much easier to work with than a regular pencil tip.  I like that I can use the pencil without using a lot of pressure.  Lastly, it comes with a decent spoolie to help brush the hairs of the brows and to create a gradient brow effect. "-- Reviews 

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