Friday, 6 May 2016

What are Faux Thigh High Tights: Tights that Look Like Socks

Thigh high socks are a great hosiery essential but can be intimidating for some. They help giving your legs a slender shape whilst skimping the unpleasant plump-y bumps. However, unfortunately they always carry the risks of wardrobe malfunctions. If you love wearing your thigh high socks but fear fall offs then try faux thigh high socks instead.

Faux thigh high socks are actually tights that provide sheer panty-support. Of course alike regular thigh high socks; faux tights too are worn underneath other garments but the plus point is the absence of garter belts or hold-ups you would need otherwise. Thigh high socks look chic as they strike the hem of your skirt and let you reveal the rest of your sexy legs without actually revealing them. Faux thigh high tights are printed in such a way that they seem to have the actual socks like stitching where they reach the mid of your thigh. The rest half of faux tights is made transparent sandy that blends in naturally with your own skin color. Faux thigh highs are available in several different qualities. Good quality faux tights lack shine so that they stay true at the transparent area up above your knees.

Faux thigh highs prevent spilling of your flesh just over the edge of the socks that may look unpleasant. Moreover, not everyone is bold enough to flash their skin. In such circumstances where covering your legs is a compulsion due to dress code or may be a need due to rough, patchy skin you are not so confident about; faux thigh high socks come to rescue.

Thigh high stockings are a chic hosiery style that never go out of style. Faux thigh high stockings have added benefits of freedom from risks of wardrobe malfunctions that are common with them. They are fairly popular and create illusion of thigh high style. Pair them up with your swishy skirt and rock off!

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