Monday, 11 April 2016

Smart Phones are Boring- Now is the Time for Smart Contact Lenses

The day has already arrived where technology seems to invade everything for good. Impossibilities themselves open the infinite doors towards possibilities. A decade back we knew nothing of smart phones and surprisingly today technology has evolved drastically. Smart phones are now boring since it is the time for yet another innovative smart technology that let users take photos with a blink of an eye. Samsung just recently received patent for smart contact lenses that seem to take the concept a level ahead; first conceived by Google back in 2014.

Samsung smart contact lenses are equipped with antenna that transmit the images on to the companion device such as a smart phone. Though Samsung has not revealed its interest in commercializing the product yet, it is an established fact that the introduction of this latest technology will open up new doors of advanced wearables.

Samsung is not the only tech firm to develop smart contact lenses for an improved augmented reality experience. Google already enjoys two patents of smart contact lenses that check the glucose level in your blood and ensure n enhanced health experience.

According to the Samsung-centric blog SamMobile, the tech giant Samsung has just patented ‘smart contact lenses’ with an inbuilt camera in South Korea. The contact lenses will be able to project images straight into a user’s eye using a display.

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