Friday, 1 April 2016

4 Reasons you Only Need Contact Lenses for Vision Correction

Contact lenses are the very first thing that strike your mind when you think of vision correction. Due to the utmost level of comfort and convenience they provide, they are by far the best mode of vision correction for both near & short sightedness.

Contact lenses provide additional beautification. Most of the adults and children dislike the look of the glasses as they make them look and feel old. Contact lenses on the other hand do not damage your looks but enhance them. They make your eyes look bigger, wider and alert.

Better Peripheral Vision
Contact lenses provide a wider field of vision. Unlike glasses, they are free from weather changes and help you enjoy an enhanced peripheral vision that is impossible with glasses. If you are an athlete or someone with vigorous daily routine; you cannot of course bear to keep fidgeting with your reckless pair of glasses.

Sensitive Skin
The frames of the glasses tend to bruise sensitive skin. Farsighted people who need to wear glasses all the time may find it annoying to carry the load of the frames on the Nose Bridge and ears. Contact lenses on the other hand float on the surface of eyes. They are very soft, hence do not even feel in the eyes & cause no damage to the skin tissues.

Limited budget
With advanced technology & newer state of art manufacturing processes; contact lenses today are now available in every budget. Contact lenses with premium benefits may be a bit expensive but at the same time you may find a pair that most fits to your needs and that too in your pocket money. From daily to monthly and annual replacement schedule, contact lenses are the most user friendly & cost-effective mode of vision correction.

Slight dryness may accompany with continuous use of contact lenses. Changing your brand or type of contact lenses should help. In most cases, using contact lens drops helps improve the condition significantly. 

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