Friday, 1 April 2016

7 Eye Makeup Tricks that will keep People Guessing your Age

Eyes are the windows to both your body & soul. Keeping your eyes fresh and youthful erase years of your age. Women with sparkling eyes are considered captivating & influential. The most horrifying threat to women is ageing eyes. As you grow older, the skin that surrounds your eyes begin to sag. Crows’ feet further make you look old and the faded limbal ring of your iris certainly gives you a granny look. Fortunately, beauty experts have 6 makeup hacks that create an illusion of bigger, brighter & youthful eyes where circle lenses are of significant importance.

1. Natural Looking Circle Lenses
Opt for circle lenses that tend to accentuate your original eye color. Go for lenses with thin limbal ring so that you have a defined iris. Enhancement tint circle lenses brighten up your eye color and adds freshness to your eyes.

2. Keep your Eye Brows Soft
Avoid creating harsh lines using an eye brow pencil. With age; you shed eye brows and making a steep line using an eye brow pencil will create a sharp look. Use a matching eye shadow powder to softly enhance your eye brows with a brow brush.

3. Avoid Shimmers
We all know the highlighters, sparkles and shimmers make imperfections more obvious. You must have a flawless base in order to make use of shimmer-y eye shadows. If you have wrinkles, dry-patches etc be clear at mind that shimmers are a big No. Use matte eye shadows as they produce a soft and subtle look whilst concealing fine lines.

4. Always Prime
A primer is always necessary whether or not you plan to wear eye shadow. A primer ensures a flattering base, corrects your skin color and make your eye shadows last longer. Wear nudes or earthy shadows to look half of your age.

5. Swap Liquid Eye Liner with Gel
Liquid eye liners have a tendency to flow into the crevices and sit into the wrinkles. Contrary to this, with gel eye liners you have more grip. Apply gel eye liner as close to your lash line as possible for a feel of heavier and thicker lashes.

6. Welcome Black Mascara
Black is retro yet timeless. Black is universal and the most natural. Even though black is always flattering, application is what matters the most. Avoid clumpy, beady application. After wiping off the excess liquid to a tissue; wriggle the mascara wand just once very gently on to your lashes. Avoid applying mascara to your lower lashes as it may flake out and add more darkness to your under eye circles.

7. Conceal it rightly
Concealing is the game-stealer. To hide your dark circles, choose a concealer with yellow undertones.

Ageing is a natural phenomenon. Stressing on it will not prevent but add more to it. Instead of worrying and damaging your face beauty you are left with; it is advisable to include these 7 age-defying eye makeup tricks for younger looking, and charismatic personality. Let your eyes do the job even if you are 40!

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