Friday, 1 April 2016

“Contact Lenses may Disturb Eye Bacteria but are Safest Mode of Vision Correction”

A new discovery made by the scientists from the New York University School of Medicine reveals that wearing contact lenses may not only alter the vision but also the composition of bacteria found on the surface of the eye. The Minnesota Optometric Association urges, 30 million contact lens wearers, to follow a proper contact lens care & handling regimen despite them being the safest mode of vision correction.

As per the study, the bacteria found on the surface of a contact lens wearer’s eyes resembles that of the skin. The board of the scientists raised questions if this affects the health of contact lens users. Further studies are yet to be made to determine whether it contributes to the higher risks of infections. 

“Further research is needed to determine whether the microbiome structure provides less protection from ocular infections,” the study authors wrote in this month’s issue of the journal, mBio.

Nearly 500 patients risk ocular injuries and eye infections due to improper use of contact lenses in States alone. The Minnesota Optometric Association throws the following tips for every contact lens wearer:
• Always wash and dry your hands before handling contact lenses.
• Carefully and regularly clean contact lenses, and do so only with products recommended by your doctor.
• Store lenses in the proper storage case and replace your case every three months or sooner.
• Follow the lens replacement schedule prescribed by your doctor.
• Remove lenses before swimming or entering a hot tub.
• Get regularly scheduled lens and eye examinations.

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