Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Sweaty Feet? Try these when Wearing Tights with Flats the Next Time to Keep your Feet Fresh all the Day

Temperature is rising that is actually a call to being bare feet. However, women who have to respect the dress codes of their work place or are too shy to flash the skin; prefer to wear thigh high socks and or tights. Unfortunately, in summer most of us sweat which often creates a stinky body odor, affecting our feet the most. Wearing nylon thigh high socks and flats leave your feet smelling funky as the pongy compounds work all day with sweat for bacteria growth. Choosing your thigh high socks wisely can solve half the problem whereas half of the issue is resolved following the solutions below:

Thigh High Socks: Anti-Perspiration Tips for Feet

  1. The key to keep your feet smell fresh all the day is to keep them dry. Avoiding to wear nylon and other synthetic fiber thigh high socks keep your feet breathing. This keep things in order and prevent excessive perspiration.
  2. Exfoliate your heels regularly using a pumice stone. The hard skin at heels need to be removed, since it is a debris of dead skin cells that gets soggy when damp. This provides an ideal environment for the growth of bacteria.
  3. Make sure you don’t wear the same flats two days in a row. Do same for thigh high socks. Let them air dry completely before you choose to wear them again. Alternatively, drop black tea bags in your flats to help absorb the pungent smell.
  4. In case your feet stink badly, bathe them in the water with tea-tree oil. The anti-bacterial properties of tea-tree oil kill the bacteria and keep your feet smooth and fresh.
  5. Wiping your feet with surgical spirit also help eradicating the smell that arises from wearing thigh high socks on a hot day.

Flats and thigh high socks, both are a summer- must have! However, it comes as no surprise that none of these are breathable option for your feet. Of course, you don’t have to say good bye to your favorite summer wardrobe essentials. All you need is a little modification in your lifestyle & an improved hygiene. 

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