Sunday, 10 April 2016

Be a Piercing Slytherin Girl with Lolita Wig H Grey

When was the last time you felt your are Harry-fied? JK Rowling gave us memories to cherish and we the fan girls don't miss a moment to own it! If you are also a fan girl; show it with your makeup and outfit. Luka has created a piercing Slytherin look with our Lolita Wig H. This wig is soft & light weight which boasts exuberant loose lolita curls as it progresses down from roots to tips. The wig is a mixture of dark grey, rust-red and teal colored fibers. Lolita wig H has a fine matte look with angular bangs that ensure a classic look. Find out the detailed review of Lolita wig H for more product pictures.

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