Thursday, 7 April 2016

Thigh High Socks: DIY Anti-Sweat- Smell Foot Spray & Bombs

If you are terrified by the approaching summer season due to the funky smell your sweaty feet produce, you need not to. Wearing nylon thigh high socks and tights all the daylong in flats may activate pongy compounds. The sweaty feet further ensure ideal environment for bacteria to grow that leave both your feet & flats smell stinky. Always consider the material when buying thigh high socks for spring/summer & prepare this DIY foot spray to deodorize your feet.

DIY Foot Deodorant: Wear Thigh High Socks & Flats without Intimidation

This is as simple as a cup of tea. All you need is a spray bottle, vodka and tea tree oil.

Fill in more than half of the bottle with vodka and the remaining with tea tree oil. The vodka will kill the bacteria whereas tea-tree oil is both anti-bacterial & antifungal. Shake the bottle vigorously before spraying on to your feet. Additionally, when your shoes are totally dry, spray this magical mist into your shoes, concentrating more on the areas that collect sweat from your feet such as in-toes. This spray works wonders and combat odors very successfully.

Feel free to get into your favorite pair of tights or thigh high socks. Both your feet and flats are now ready to combat against the summer scene!

DIY Baking Soda Bombs using an Old Pair of Thigh High Socks

Baking soda helps eradicating all kinds of smells. It is often kept in refrigerator to fight against the mix of the food odors. So how can we miss the mighty powder when it is about fighting the stinky smell rising from the feet and flats? DIY baking soda bombs are very handy, just slip them in the toes of your flat and let them do the magic.

Cut off the thigh part of an old pair of thigh high socks using a sharp scissor. Pour in some baking soda into the toe part of your socks and tie it with a string. Slip these tiny baking soda+ thigh high socks bombs into your shoes for a day. This helps reviving your shoes & keep you comfortable.

Thigh high socks are essential for summer. They are capable of resurrecting any dead outfit by adding the variety of colors and textures to it. With thigh high socks you have endless fashion opportunities. Layer your outfit for a Kawaii school girl or compliment your structured dress for work using sheer thigh high socks. As long as you have these two DIY anti-smell remedies, you are good to go in your favorite pair of thigh high socks

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