Thursday, 7 April 2016

This is How you Get Free Circle Lenses Safely: Only for Uniqso Customers

Hands down! We all love circle lenses especially when we get them for free. Internet is full of tempting deals, cost-effective packages and freebies. However all that glitters is not gold. Your eyes are too important to take a risk. If you are not sure on what your seller is baiting you with; hold on! You may possibly get trapped into a cunning game and end up developing ocular injuries. Remember, the typical price range of an FDA approved pair of circle lenses ranges from US$ 19 to US$22.00. Anything lower than that could be a counterfeit version, probably imported from China. Winning free circle lenses is though not completely impossible, provided you judge the various options carefully.

Most of the reliable names offer free circle lenses to the fashion gurus in exchange of the promotion. If unfortunately; you don’t find yourself among fashion icons, don’t forlorn for we have an amazing deal aimed directly at our customers.

Buy 2 pairs of circle lenses and get 1 for FREE. Our circle lenses are all Korean origin that are 100% safe to wear. We proudly showcase our safety certificates from KFDA, FDA & CE that guarantees the safe consumption for customers. They are manufactured through sandwich printing technology that encloses the dye & design in between two soft plastic layers. This helps prevent fading of the pigment in your eyes & keep them safe from allergic responses.

You can also win free circle lenses by participating in giveaway contests however it may be tedious if you cannot wait long or have an event approaching where you wish to wear them. Furthermore, winning requires you to put your energy for which you may not have enough leisure time always. If you are a busy bee, yet wish to multiply the asset of your circle lenses; here is what you need to do. Buy any two pairs of circle lenses and get an extra pair for FREE! Hurry up the offer valid whilst the stock lasts! ETE – 18th April,2016. 

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