Sunday, 3 April 2016

Why do My Feet Smell Bad when Wearing Tights/ Thigh High Socks?

Spring has sprung and here is the most genuine problem every woman has to suffer from. Wearing tights or thigh high socks made from synthetic fibers don’t let moisture from feet to evaporate. Furthermore, the lining in the closed shoes also keep the feet sweaty. It is almost unlikely to manage to keep your feet dry thus complete prevention from smelly feet is not possible. However, it can be managed by selecting your tights wisely. Keep the temperature variations in mind when making a purchase.

Why do Tights make Feet Stink?
Sheer tights are largely made of nylon fiber. Nylon and lycra blends are not breathable due to which your feet stay moist. Prolonged moisture facilitate bacteria growth and works to product fatty acids or pongy compounds. It is not only tights that are responsible to make your feet smell bad but are also your shoes. Deal with your shoes & thigh high socks the following way to prevent foul smell rising from your feet.

Dealing with Thigh High Socks & Tights
1. Replace your nylon thigh high socks and tights with cotton. Even though cotton socks are not the complete solution of the problem, they are definitely a better option than nylon. Nylon stockings do not absorb moisture hence your feet stay sweaty and wet. Contrary to nylon tights, cotton tights are breathable. The only problem with cotton is the incapability of holding as much moisture without becoming sodden.

2. It is recommended to replace your thigh high socks every day in spring/summer. Wash your thigh high socks in hottest cycle and rinse them in antiseptic solution, diluted 20 times & let them air dry.
Make sure your thigh high socks are not too tight.  

Dealing with your Shoes
1. Shoes are often lined by plastic or synthetic covering that does not let sweat evaporate. Of course, at the end of the day you may find a very strong stinky smell coming from your feet. To prevent this, use shoes insoles and replace them every day.

2. If replacing insoles is not possible, we recommend you wear open toe shoes or stacked/striped sandals with thigh high socks to keep your feet dry.

3. Every couple of weeks, clean the inside of your shoes suing the nozzle of a vacuum cleaner to help remove the old dried sweat. You can also clean your shoes using surgical spirit that is easily available at pharmacies.

4. Try to alternate your shoes every other day. Let them dry completely before you wear them again.

Thigh high socks and tights are essential element of your Spring/Summer wardrobe. They help you mix and match and let you build a layered or structured outfit. Wearing nylons may be a problem in summer, but there are always the other options to check out. With these measures above, we are hopeful you will manage to keep your feet hygienically dry! Alternatively, you can also use an anti-perspiring deodorant to make sure your feet smell floral ;) 

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