Thursday, 11 September 2014

9 Tips to Grow your Hair Healthy When Wearing a Synthetic Wig in a Routine

9 Tips to Grow your Hair Healthy When Wearing a Synthetic Wig in a Routine

Wearing synthetic hair wig plays great to reinsure the lost confidence in people with hair loss. Not only this, synthetic hair wigs are most commonly sought when a style enhancement is required. Fear dying your hair as chemically treating it may damage the shine? Wearing a synthetic wig of your favorite color will do the job. Synthetic wigs are helping people, however an alarming number of people unfortunately neglect to wear their own hair carefully. To maintain your hair healthy when wearing wigs in a routine, follow the tips given below:
  • Choose Breathable Wigs
Wear only those synthetic wigs that let your natural hair breathe. Check if the wig comes with a lacey wig cap as this allows the flow of air & prevents friction to some extent.
  • Keep your Hair Moisturized
Wearing synthetic hair wigs in daily routine for longer durations dry out your hair. An ill-fitted wig may further aggravate in destroying your natural hair. Therefore, keep your hair enough moisturized.
  • Shampoo your Natural Hair Frequently
It is crucial to keep your natural hair clean. Regularly shampoo & condition your hair in order to keep your wigs clean. Wearing synthetic wigs over messy and untidy hair reduces the life of the wig short.
  • Go for a Head Massage
When wearing synthetic wigs daily with no intervals, it is recommended to have essential oil head-massage. Wigs limit the circulation and to stimulate the blood-flow back into follicles, an oil massage is recommended.
  • Avoid Wearing  Several Products under a Wig
Wearing lots of products under a wig such as serums, oils, and gels should be avoided. It results in clogged pores, product buildup and greasy hair which turn your wigs soiled and grubby.
  • Wear Wig Cap only When Necessary
Wearing a wig cap thins hair line and it also plucks away hair from nape and from behind the ear (the place where the ear tabs of the wig rests). Braiding your hair is a better alternate than wearing a wig cap.
  • Watch for Snagging Hair
When wearing a wig, make sure that the frizzy flyaways and wisps are tucked carefully under the wig or wig cap. Secure them through bobby pins or clasps that do not exert pressure. Using a long tail pick-comb push all your snagging hair inside the wig as snagging hair is the major cause of hair loss through breakage.
  • Allow your Hair Ample Supply of Sunshine
Sunshine is a natural source of Vitamin D which is responsible for healthy hair growth & shine. Observe intervals when wearing a wig and let your natural hair breathe into open air, receiving an ample supply of sunlight.
  • Damp Hair? Say ‘NO’ to Wig
DO NOT wear synthetic wigs when your natural hair is still wet or damp. Covering wet hair with a wig cap or wig turns your scalp into the breeding bed of germs and fungal microorganisms. Wearing wigs over damp hair also destroys the wig and wig’s fiber may even start to shed off.

Synthetic hair wigs keep you beautiful, however you definitely would not want to risk the beauty of your natural hair that is going to last you forever. Do not risk your natural hair for temporary looks by ignoring these “Healthy Hair Rules”.

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