Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Is it Dangerous to Sleep wearing Circle Contact Lenses?

Sleeping with circle contact lenses should be avoided as much as possible. There are different types of circle contact lenses and depending on the type of the contacts; you can leave them in your eyes before sleeping. GP lenses and certain type of soft contact lenses can be left in eyes. However; it is recommended to always take circle contact lenses out before going to sleep.

Diseases caused by Sleeping with Circle Contact Lenses

Is it Dangerous to Sleep wearing Circle Contact Lenses?

GP lenses [gas permeable lenses] are hard contact lenses that allow enough oxygen to let through your eyes. On the other hand cosmetic lenses and regular soft contact lenses should always be taken out from eyes. Care should be taken whilst wearing circle contact lenses and even accidental naps should be avoided. Falling asleep with circle contact lenses blocks oxygen which threatens the health of eyes in the form of several eye infections including pink eye disease known as “Corneal neovascularization” and “Corneal micros cysts”.

The lack of oxygen to eyes causes the vessels of your eyes to grow too much due to which you will no longer be able to wear circle contact lenses again. The unusual pressure may even cause the vessels to erupt; developing a serious eye-infection known as “Corneal Ulcer”. This may even lead to permanent blindness.

Don’t go to Bed with Circle Contact Lenses in Eyes
Circle contact lenses are meant to bring a pleasant change in your personality either by enhancing the color of your eyes or by transforming your over-all looks. Therefore; circle contact lenses should be worn only for vision correction and for personality enhancement. Going to bed with your circle contact lenses still in eyes is not a good idea as you may fall asleep unintentionally. Therefore; it is a good habit to always remove your circle contact lenses and disinfect them after the recommended period of wearing circle contact lenses is over.

The Bottom Line
Being lazy to remove circle contact lenses before sleeping is a criminal act that may ask your eyes to avenge you back. If you love wearing circle contact lenses; you should stay vigilant to the safety of your eyes by regularly taking care of them and by following the advices of doctors. Never sleep with contacts in; it is not worth it!

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