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Opaque Circle Contact Lenses for Dark Brown Eyes

Opaque Circle Contact Lenses for Dark Brown Eyes

According to a research the major population of world is comprised of people with dark brown eyes. Circle contact lenses are the often sought “medical devices” when an appealing personality change is desired. Unfortunately; not all type of circle contact lenses happen to alter the color of dark brown eyes. Opaque circle contacts are an especially designed product for people with dark brown eyes.

What are Opaque Circle Contact Lenses?

Opaque circle contact lenses have solid color mixtures or solid tints that do not allow your original eye color to get seen through the contacts. Opaque circle contact lenses are the opposites of enhancement tint circle lenses. There are two types of opaque circle contact lenses; fully opaque and partially opaque circle contact lenses.

Opaque Circle Contact Lenses for Dark Brown Eyes

Fully opaque circle contact lenses are basically used for cosplays. They are available in all weird color combinations and patterns with unworldly styles. Fully opaque contact lenses let you imitate animal and other inhumane eye types for Halloween. Few examples are zombie, vampire opaque circle contact lenses

Partially opaque circle lenses are meant for dark brown eyes. They cover the dark brown eyes up to some extent. It is difficult to change the color of dark brown eyes with contact lenses unless you take support of partially opaque circle lenses.

Specialty of Opaque Circle Contact Lenses

Opaque Circle Contact Lenses for Dark Brown Eyes

Opaque circle contact lenses bring an instant change to dark brown eyes since they are intensively shaded. These contact lenses can change dark brown eyes to even lighter shades such as blue, green and even aqua. Opaque contact lenses are available in variety of shades from lightest to darkest. These circle lenses are often intricately designed which helps to hide the original dark brown color. These opaque circle lenses blend beautifully and fade naturally from iris to pupil. The central hole is kept transparent to allow clear vision.

The best part is opaque circle lenses are even available in prescription. The visually impaired people with dark brown eyes can bring dramatic changes in personality using prescription opaque contact lenses.


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