Monday, 26 May 2014

Beuberry Lurve 3 Tones Series: Natural Looking Circle Lenses

Beuberry Lurve 3 Tones Grey: Natural Looking Circle Lenses

Grey circle lenses might be the most natural looking circle lenses after brown colored lenses. Grey circle lenses deliver fabulous results against all tones of skin and hair. Beuberry Lurve 3 Tones grey share similar qualities. The three tones make blending and fading easier which help making your eyes look natural yet pretty with a subtle enlargement.

Beuberry Lurve 3 Tones grey are neither too light nor too dark to make you look like alien or unwordly creature. They are just very close to the nature and happens to look quite good against both light and dark eyes. They have yellow-orange pattern that surrounds pupil which adds a natural touch to especially dark brown eyes.

These are very comfortable and easy to handle. Read the review to see selcas wearing Beuberry Lurve 3 Tones grey. 

Beuberry Lurve 3 Tones Green: Natural Looking Big Eye Lenses

Beuberry Lurve 3 Tones Grey: Natural Looking Circle Lenses

Green is rare color in eyes. It is very deep and reminds us of cool ocean breezes. To get the subtle and humble green in your eyes which mighty ocean has you can take support of Beuberry Lurve 3 Tones green circle lenses. These circle lenses are a soft funi shade of green with yellow tint around the pupil. The yellow definitely plays its role beautifully in blending; and as a result you get dolly like eyes which look too natural to be spotted.

Beuberry Lurve 3 Tones green circle lenses are very comfortable and you dont even feel anything upon wearing them in your eyes. They stay unnoticable when in shadows but change the color to light dewy green as soon as you happen to step into bright sunny lights or artificial lighting conditions. The pattern also goes unnoticed under dark lights. Click here to see the pictures of Beubrry Lurve 3 Tones green in the review.

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