Thursday, 15 May 2014

Phantasee Blue Sclera Lenses Xorn: Be an Alien with these Scleras

Phantasee Xorn Sclera Lenses,

Phantasee Xorn Sclera Lenses

Phantasee Xorn Sclera Lenses

Phantasee Xorn Sclera Lenses

Sclera lenses often freak you out because they are not only huge but they are also very crazy to wear. The wild and unworldly patterns with striking color combinations turn all the heads towards you if you are courageous enough to let yourself step out in the public. Phantasee blue sclera lenses Xorn have a demonic pattern with strong contrast of electric blue and yellow slits.

Phantasee Xorn blue sclera lenses makes you look like a possessed creature; perfect for cosplays and crazy theme parties where you would just love to freak others out for no reason. They make you appear lunatic and demented; thus they are living up to the expectations made from them.

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