Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Why did My Colored Contact Lenses Fade?

You probably won’t notice any discoloration in circle Lenses or colored contact lenses if you have been replacing them as per your prescription. Please bear in mind that branded circle lenses or Korean circle lenses are made from “Sandwich Printing Technology” which keep the pigmentation of the lens saved between two layers. Circle lenses or colored contact lenses made in China or those counterfeit lenses lack in this regard & thus may fade even before the first wear.

Why did My Colored Contact Lenses Fade?

Colored contact lenses do fade in color overtime because everything weathers. However if you practice a good replacement schedule; you probably are not giving your colored contact lenses enough time to fade.

Following factors are involved in colored contact lens fading

The change in molecular structure of colored contact lenses that occurs due to over wearing causes discoloration. Colored contact lenses also become contaminated. Refer to the chart below for contamination signs on colored contact lenses.

Yellowish brown
Brown hue
Rinsed with tap water (containing high iron content)
Yellow & Blue
Cosmetics buildup
Medicines ( VB12, improper eye drops, antibiotics)
Contact lenses of smoker
White & bright grey
Proteins, lipids, fungi, medications

The inappropriate lens care products such as hydrogen peroxide which acts as a bleach may further accelerate the fading. Neglecting precautions when wearing circle lenses and applying makeup such as improper use of hair spray, straightening irons, curlers and dyes boost-up premature fading in colored contact lenses.

Adherence to the prescribed replacement schedule & disinfecting them regularly save you bucks and above all prevent you from frightening eye sores & abrasions!

Contact Lens Complications- Etiology, Pathogenesis, Prevention, Therapy by Hans- Walter Roth

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