Monday, 5 May 2014

Sparkle this spring with Tinker Bell Cosplay: Tinker Bell Cosplay Lenses

Tinker Bell Cosplay

Spring is all about the blossoming flowers and the breathtaking scenic- colors that combine together to enchant us. There can be no finer choice to welcome spring than to get into the “Tinker Bell’s Cosplay”. Tinker Bell is a “Disney fairy” full of emotions where ‘love & jealousy’ are the most notable traits of her character. Her big playful blue eyes are picturesque beauty which depict her fluttering emotions. To cosplay Tinker bell’s eyes you need to sport Tinker Bell’s Cosplay circle lenses if you are not already blessed with naturally blue eyes.

Tinker Bell Cosplay Circle Lenses

Tinker Bell Cosplay

Tinker bell is a playful character who loves to venture on adventures. She has an effervescent and vivacious personality which gets even magical with the pixie-dust. This magical golden sparkling dust is Tinker Bell’s armor to fly with.Tinker Bell cosplay is bewitching where her deep blue mesmerizing and naughty eyes seems to cease the breaths. Employing Tinker Bell cosplay circle lenses such as ‘Beuberry Peppy blue’, ‘Poppy blue’& ‘Barbie Puffy 3 Tones blue’ can quench the Tinker Bell’s cosplay requirements.

Tinker Bell cosplay let you enjoy the child in you. If you have a funky and childish personality; you have the liberty to show it off naturally whilst enjoying the Tinker Bell cosplay. Jump and ride or even make mischievous faces- everything childish is going to add the meanings to your Tinker Bell cosplay.

Flaunt yourself as a Tinker Bell with blonde and flouncy bangs and a high-set “sock” hair-bun. DIY the costume & transform yourself into a magical “Disney Fairy” with the above mentioned Tinker Bell cosplay circle lenses. This would be the cutest way of celebrating the blooming spring this year!

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