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Skin79 CC Cream Correct Review: Tried & Tested on Oily Skin

I had been looking for a product that could immediately address to my multiple skin issues including minor acne and pigmentation. My facial glands are very active at producing sebum which often keeps my skin greasy during summer. Still I have dry and patchy skin texture around nostrils & eyes. With such combination skin types it becomes difficult to choose a single product. I then thought of trying the most raved-about Korean skin care product that is known as “CC Cream Correct” from the brand Skin79. Continue to read if it stands up to my expectations.

Why did I choose Skin79 CC Cream Correct?

CC cream stands for “color change” or “color correct” cream. There are although two variants of Skin79 CC cream i.e. “control” and “Correct” I chose to try out “Correct” version because my major concern was obtaining “uniform” skin tone.

About Skin79 CC Cream Correct

Skin79 CC Cream Correct comes in a tube with a pump like nozzle. It lets you dispense only the right amount you need. The nozzle and air-less dispenser packaging prevent oxidization of the product. Such packaging is quite common in Korean cosmetics and skin care products.

Skin79 CC Cream Correct is a thin liquid-consistency cream. It seems more like a lotion to me; a micro granulated lotion. It is not too runny; it comes in very acceptable viscosity. It has very subtle and light fragrance which fades away quickly. Skin79 CC Cream Correct is milky white in color & it is quite easy to spread it. The best part is; it is very light and does not feel to clog the pores. It is neither greasy nor drying.

What the Company Claims

  • UV Interception
  • Skin Lightening
  • Anti-ageing
  • Soothes dry & damaged skin
  • Reduces enlarged pores
  • Provides natural coverage

My Opinion

Like all other vanishing beauty creams Skin79 CC Cream Correct is also white in color which definitely disappears upon blending. I don’t really get what the company means by “color change technology”? Perhaps they mean that it tends to suit all the various skin tones from too pale to too dark? Because I somewhere read that BB creams have color limitations since they aren’t meant for dark or medium dark skin tones but CC creams work equally good for all the skin tones found across the world.

Skin79 CC Cream correct nicely spreads out and adheres quickly onto face which makes my face look pretty neat and bright. It feels nice and light upon wearing and keep oiliness at bay; however I still have to apply bit of my regular moisturizer around nostrils and eyes because if I don’t it accentuates the flakiness even more. Therefore; contrary to what the company claims, I think that it might not work well for people with severe dry skin types or I guess using a moisturizer beneath will do the job.

It is very sheer so I was not expecting high or even medium coverage. It still however conceals old acne marks that have been lightened already with time. It leaves a very thin white layer which makes my face luminous and neat.

The Bottom Line

Skin79 CC Cream Correct is definitely a good choice if you want natural coverage & brightened skin tone. It feels light and breathable when applied on oily skin which is a plus point. It conceals minor skin imperfections and covers the appearance of enlarged pores up to some extent. However; even with the regular use of a month I can’t notice any reduction in the size of my pores. It only covers the pores but contrary to what it claims it fail to provide long-term skin benefits. I have not noticed any permanent skin lightening as well.

Skin79 CC cream is though a skin care product; I use it when I have some casual guests at home where I want to look just very natural with a neat and glowing face. If you don’t want to take help from foundations to look too over at times; use Skin79 CC Cream Correct since it does the job quite perfectly!It evens out the texture and makes your face look fresh. I loved the product and will be definitely rebuying it.

By Uniqso Enquiry

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