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Rapunzel Cosplay Contact Lenses from Tangled

Rapunzel Cosplay Contact Lenses from Tangled

Let us revive our fancy childhood memories by transforming ourselves into one. A girl replaces her interests & desires from Barbie to Disney Princess and fairy tales as she begins to grow up into a teen. Rapunzel being the tower-bound teen with majestic yards and yards of hair length with her dazzling lime green huge eyes make a statement to occupy our fascinations. The optimal results can be achieved using Rapunzel cosplay contact lenses.

Lime Green Mesmerizing Eyes

Rapunzel from the Disney Movie “Tangled” grabs our attention as soon as we notice her flouncy, mind-blowing& gorgeous hair tail which dances, swishes and waves as she continues to hop on her adventure. Besides her magical wavering braid; Rapunzel’s luminous lime green eyes draw our attention that keep us glued further with the enchanting story. Replicating her eyes has now become convenient since Rapunzel cosplay contact lenses vow to deliver almost the same bright results.

You can wear any of the following circle lenses to cosplay Rapunzel eyes

Features of Rapunzel Cosplay Contact Lenses

Rapunzel Cosplay Contact Lenses from Tangled

Rapunzel cosplay lenses are those that are lime green yet vibrant along with a big pupil hole. Rapunzel’s pupils look like dark-chocolaty brown; so Rapunzel cosplay contact lenses are hoped to look gorgeous against dark colored eyes. Her huge eyes require contacts with bigger diameters & just to fulfill this need Rapunzel cosplay contact lenses boast 16mm diameter.

Rapunzel cosplay contact lenses make your eyes look beaded that cast mesmerizing awe-struck gazes. With Rapunzel cosplay contact lenses your eyes dress up magical. This spell-bound others; into the beauty of your fairy eyes, that yearn to discover the world.

Get ready for an exciting journey by replicating the character of Rapunzel through Rapunzel cosplay contact lenses. Live the beauty of your dreams by rejoicing the memories from your past. Wear pretty pink Rapunzel’s costume & start unfolding the fairy tale by popping in Rapunzel cosplay contact lenses as the very first step!

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