Thursday, 8 May 2014

Geo Xtra WIA15 Grey : Most Natural Grey Circle Lenses

Geo Xtra WIA15 Grey colored contacts

Geo Xtra WIA15 Grey colored contacts

It is an open fact that people with brown eyes find it difficult to get the most natural looking circle lenses for their eyes; which do not only compliment their skin tone but also blends naturally with your eyes. If this is also the case with you; we recommend you to try Geo Xtra WIA15 grey circle lenses. They are 15mm so you shouldnt be worried about the fake-looking enlargement. 

Geo Xtra WIA15 grey circle lenses have a simple & no "extra-ordinary" pattern which keeps these grey circle lenses very natural & less-striking. They appear slightly greyish-blue which itself is a lovely color. For details & pictures read Geo Xtra Grey Review.

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