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Is it Safe to wear Makeup with Colored Contact Lenses?

Is it Safe to wear Makeup with Colored Contact Lenses?

Colored contact lenses make your eyes look alluring but wearing makeup with them can enhance your eyes even more. Proper makeup with colored contacts add a charm & sophistication to the entire personality. However; one should be very careful when choosing makeup products with colored contact lenses.

Makeup helps blending circle lenses; without makeup application colored contact lenses sometimes may be a bit too harsh. They end up looking unnatural or may make you look demonically possessed. Circle lenses with vibrant and bright colors and those with solid outer rings demand light makeup and false eyelashes. Often an eyeliner is enough to do the job. But is it safe to wear makeup with colored contact lenses? 

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What Kind of Makeup should be avoided with Colored Contact Lenses?

Some solvent based makeup products especially eyeliners may lead to irritation and itching. Therefore; use hypoallergenic cosmetics.

It is good to avoid using following makeup products when wearing colored contact lenses:

  1. Lash extending mascaras- the lash building fibers are noted for damaging the colored contacts
  2. Glitters- Glitters flake and get into your eyes. This may cause severe scratching damaging your contacts and raising risks of eye infections.
  3. Hard pencil eyeliners- Hard pencils also flake quite much as compared to soft eye pencils. It is better to use water-resistant and smudge proof soft pencils, eyeliners & mascaras to prevent flaking.
  4. Loose Powders- Avoiding loose powders make sense. Prefer pressed powers over loose with colored contact lenses because loose powder can get into eyes which can stimulate tear glands out of a sudden resulting in spoiling the complete makeup look
  5. Hairsprays- Hairsprays don’t go well with colored contact lenses. Ideally use hair spray before putting on contact lenses. Take your lenses out or wear them later if you plan to blow-dry, perm or begin any other kind of hair treatment.

Always get fragrance-free eye makeup because such cosmetics are less likely to irritate your eyes. Also using good quality brushes is mandatory. Poor & cheap makeup brushes lose the bristles which if get into eyes can irritate and scratch the colored contact lenses.

Furthermore; considering these tips for makeup with colored contact lenses will lead you towards better eye care. Do not forget to remove makeup particles from your colored contact lenses by disinfecting them after each use. Get into the limelight with colored contact lenses and makeup to be an inspiring “gyaru” for the fellow friends!

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