Saturday, 12 April 2014

Harajuku Fake Under Eyelashes by Stella

Everyone dreams of sporting a heavy set of eyelashes that make the eyes look bigger, deeper and well-framed.Unfortunately not everyone is lucky enough to boast such an exotic pair of eyelashes. Our inspiration should be “Harajuku girls” from Japan; who are narcissistic even about their narrow fashion details such as “fake under eyelashes”. To boast big gorgeous eyes they flaunt around with both upper & lower false eyelashes.

Today, creatively enough; innovative false eyelashes in the market let us achieve the looks of our dreams. There are millions of designs available to cater the several consumer needs. With upper false eye-lashes; bottom or fake under eye lash also play an important role in creating “Dramatic looks”.

How to Choose Fake under Eyelashes?

Fake under eyelashes are basically employed when a heavy or dramatic pair of false upper eyelashes is used to achieve a sexy look. To create an illusion of natural-blending of false eyelashes; it is recommended to support your look with false under eyelashes.

False under eyelashes are available in strips & individuals between which you can make a choice as per your taste. False under eyelashes are sparse just like your natural under eyelashes. They are smaller in length but do add an instant kick of proportional thickness. False under eyelashes create a balanced look when worn with upper false eyelashes.

Things to Remember with False under Eyelashes

It is better to avoid applying mascara on false under eyelashes. Because with mascara coats you end up having coarse & clotted “spider-legs” like lashes. Always apply false eyelashes as closely to your natural lashes as possible. Do not apply them at your tear-line because this poses risk of irritation & infection.

So; next time you are up for a “fashion-walk” or a “glamorous-day out” don’t forget to get bewitching eyes with dramatic drapes of Stella upper & lower false eyelashes.

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