Sunday, 13 April 2014

Blood Shot Zombie Eyes with Phantasee Quasar Sclera Lenses

Blood Shot Zombie Eyes,Phantasee Quasar Sclera Lenses

Phantasee Quasar Sclera Lenses

Halloween brings blood & gore. The convention of zombies, vampires, werewolfs and all the other unworldly creatures do send shivers to our spinal cords. Once again to remind you the scary night of Halloween; we here are sharing with you the review of "Phantasee Quasar Sclera Lenses".

These sclera circle lenses are good even for cosplay or theme parties. Wear Phantasee Sclera Quasar lenses to imitate a crazy zombie who loves to devour the world. Create an aura of fear, tragedy and horror with these sclera circle lenses. Scare your friends especially your foes and enjoy the panic that your creepy eyes make whilst wearing sclera Quasar lenses. 

Quasar sclera circle lenses make your eyes appear as if they are damaged and wounded. The blood shot eyes with complimenting makeup and costume definitely leaves unforgettable memories. For more information; kindly read Phantasee Quasar sclera lenses Review or buy Sclera lenses here.

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