Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Doll Face with Hurricane Hazel & Skin79 CC Cream

GEO HC201 brown colored contacts

GEO HC201 brown colored contacts

GEO HC201 brown colored contacts

Skin79 CC Cream

Its an established fact that one needs to wear big eye circle lenses to achieve big dolly eyes. However; additionally it is advisable to apply Skin79 cc cream for a flawless & smooth porcelain looking skin.

While hurricane hazel GEO circle lenses make your eyes look dolly; Skin79 CC cream evens out the irregular skin tone and texture to complete the look.

Geo hurricane hazel circle lenses brown have a pretty swirly pattern which is too natural to be noticeable. You only get the addition of subtle enlargement in your eyes that is enough to make you look dolly. Along with GEO hurricane hazel circle lenses; application of Skin79 CC cream helps to even tone your skin. The white CC cream tends to change its color to match your own skin tone as you start blending it. 

Kindly read Skin79 CC Cream and Geo Hurricane Hazel Review for more details.

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