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Harajuku Makeup & Fashion Trends

Beginnings of Harajuku Fashion

Harajuku is a station near “Shibuya” district in Tokyo Japan. Ultimately; the fashion & makeup trends significantly rising from Harajuku is known as “Harajuku Fashion”. Japan is a culturally-rich country which bestowed several inspiring fashion trends to the world. Harajuku fashion is amongst one from Lolita, gyaru, punk, Kawaii etc.

A Glimpse on Harajuku Trends

Harajuku district is youth-oriented & is now considered a cultural-hub for teenagers where young boys and girls from neighboring areas gather to show off their extravagant costumes. Harajuku fashion is inspired by pop cultural celebrities ranging from rock stars to those imitating anime & gothic. This is why; Harajuku fashion often features & focuses on “Mix & Match”. Since it is a street-fashion that has now begun to spread across the borders of Japan; there have been several manifestations for the Harajuku Style. 

As much as you dig deep into the emerging fashion trend; you will realize that Harajuku fashion is a contemplation of various Japanese cultures. There are several variations to this trend such as “Gothic Lolitta, Sweet Lolitta, Womano (mixing various Japanese traditional attires with western) Punk, Kawaii, Decora”- All these subcategories of Harajuku fashion share one thing in common i.e. “The art of mixing & matching your costume with makeup”.

Hall Mark of HarajukuFahsion

Since Harajuku is all about creating harmony through setting several Japanese traditional outfits together; “Layering” can be considered the shortcut to this street-fashion. Wearing ruffles, and a dress over a dress such as vests, jackets, sweaters over blouses and t-shirts; shorts over punk-styled stockings or skirts over jeggings/leggings create a beautiful harmony in the amalgamation of different clothing senses.

Accessorizing the Harajuku Way

Japanese girls always emphasize on “accessorizing” irrespective of any fashion trend they follow. Either wear matching accessories or prefer to stay loud. In Decora Harajuku fashion; one needs to decorate herself from head to toe with embellished ensembles that is paired up with all the wild accessories including rings, belts, weird hair pins, earrings, jewelry & handbags. Painting the nails naughty also is an highlighting feature of Harajuku Fashion.

Adding Dimensions to the Personality

Harajuku fashion trends add dimensions to one’s personality since it does not just end up on choosing the costume. It gives the liberty of playing with hair by dying them funky or punk way. People following Harajuku fashion loves to stumble upon with Lolita wigs and circle lenses to add even more depth to the entire look.

Harajuku Makeup tutorial by Stella Lee

There are no restrictions on how you begin to show your inspirations towards Harajuku Culture. Simply learn & increase knowledge towards widely distributed cultural trends of Japan to kick-start your adventurous journey!


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