Sunday, 27 April 2014

Dolly Eye S9 Grey & Dolly Eye Dreamy I Brown Video Tutorial

Dolly Eye S9 grey circle lenses are amazing with electric pattern and black edges. They make eyes look huge yet very natural. Dolly Eye S9 grey circle lenses come with 16 mm diameter. These circle lenses however produce lovely enlargement with a dolly eye effect. Dolly Eye S9 grey circle lenses need not to be supported with heavy makeup. Simply apply your eyeliner the way you love it to be and enjoy! Other than Dolly Eye S9 series, Dolly Eye Dreamy I brown are also one of the natural looking circle lenses. The enlargement is only 14.5 mm so they keep your eyes look very natural. These circle lenses are very comfortable that you wont feel anything in your eyes. 

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