Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Get Gyaru Eyes with Kimchi Bambi Violet Circle Lenses

Kimchi Bambi Violet colored contacts

Kimchi Bambi Violet colored contacts

Circle lenses are fun especially when they are bright and vibrant. It is believed that vibrant eyes since look more awake are considered more sexy & flirtatious. The brightness of your eyes which you boast just because of circle lenses grab attention of dozens and make you feel like a perfectly pampered and "thought-about" princess. Kimchi Violet Bambi circle lenses promise to stand up-to the expectations.

Kimchi Bambi are partially opaque so the design element and the color payoff is something very extra ordinary even against dark eyes. The pattern itself is wonderful with complicated design details. The three tones of Kimchi Bambi violet are heavenly whereas the peachy-golden ring around the pupil helps the violet blend with your natural color of eye. The enlargement produced by Kimchi Bambi violet is a "woow-factor". 

Click here for a "Gyaru Makeover using Kimchi Bambi violet" circle lenses.

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